MMA In Mountainside: AMA in CFFC 34

Fans who are familiar with MMA in Mountainside are more than familiar with AMA Fight Club and their presence in today’s MMA Scene.

AMA Fight Club is home to some of the best MMA fighters in the country including 6 UFC fighters and dozens of professional and amateur fighters. Currently there are more than a few professional fighters set to make their appearance on the UFC stage.
Fans of MMA in Mountainside will have their eye on CFFC 34 as four AMA Fight Club fighters will step into the ring in what will prove to be one of the most exciting events in MMA for 2014
Headlining the card will be Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella who is one of the best fighters in his weight class in the world and will be defending his title at CFFC 34.
In addition to Santella will be AMA pro MMA fighter Andy Main who recently came off a win fighting in Japan and their team mates Claudio Ledesma and Robbie Flores will be bringing their talent to the cage.
MMA In Morris County
There isn’t much surprise as to why these men are some of the best fighters in the east coast. For years they have been under the instruction of head trainer Mike Constantino who has guided hundreds of fighters in their careers all the way up to the UFC level. Rounding out their training program is 3rd degree Renzo Gracie Black Belt Jamie Cruz and Muay Thai living Legend Kaensak Sor Ploenjit making AMA home of the highest level of MMA instruction anywhere.

CFFC 34 is bound to be one of the best MMA events this year and will show the best of MMA in Mountainside

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Road To Recovery Super Seminar

AMA Fight Club To Host MMA”Road To Recovery Super Seminar”

One of AMA’s premier fighters Sean “$horty Rock” Santella recently suffered a debilitating knee injury.  $horty who is 13-3 with 9 submissions in his pro MMA career recently had an LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament) injury and is currently going through the rehab process for a 6 month period.


To show their support AMA fight club will be holding a “Road To Recovery Super Seminar’ Saturday October 5th @ 2:00PM.  The cost is $40.

AMA Fight Club

831 Rt 10 East

Whippany, NJ 07981


The seminar will feature some of the best instructors in the area including

UFC Fighter Jim Miller

Renzo Gracie 3rd Degree Black Belt Jamie Cruz

AMA Pro and MMA Grappling Coach Brian McLauglin

 AMA Pro Wrestling Coach Jared Platt

UFC Fighter Jimy Hettes

You can follow $horty Rock and his road to recovery on Facebook;  Click Here

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Heckman’s Victory Draws A Lot of Attention

Scott “The Animal” Heckman’s victory draws a lot of attention.

AMA Fight Club’s Scott “The Animal” Heckman put on a show for the Sand’s Casino in Bethleham, PA on March 23rd 2013 as he stepped into the Octogan for his title fight in the XFE Cage Wars.

Heckman, who fights under MVC Sports Management brought intensity to the fight even before he stepped into the ring as Varstity Highlights HD was able to follow Heckman in his journey to victory!

In 3 days, Varsity Highlights video of “The Animal” has been viewed over 29,000 times show that Heckman has been stirring up some attention


Heckmen will announce shortly his next upcoming fight!

To get the best MMA training in New Jersey visit


AMA Fight Club would like to thank their sponsor The Ticket Daddy

Go to and use discount code “AMA” and your service fee will be waived for any event! Stubhub and other companies will charge you an additional 10-25% at check out….don’t get robbed!

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AMA Fight Club: Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County

An exciting day at AMA Fight Club the Best place to learn Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County!

It is never a dull day at AMA Fight Club in Whippany. Today the UFC was in the house filming UFC Fighter Jim Miller for the UFC 159 Countdown show.

AMA Fight Club: Pro Team

Today over 100 people from all walks of life came to the AMA Fight Club to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai  Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts.

It was very empowering to see the diversity fill the room as Men, Women & Children all training in Martial Arts together under one roof.

AMA’s Jim Miller was visited by the UFC film crew for Jim’s upcoming fight at UFC 159

Today was extra special as AMA Members were treated to FREE clothing from AMA Fight Club sponsors TapouT, Bad Boy Clothing & Punch Town MMA gloves!

Not only was FREE gear given to all AMA members, there was a buzz in the air as the filming was going on and everyone who came to train Martial Arts was super excited to be on TV!

One thing is for certain, if you want to get in shape, feel confident & learn self defense, AMA Fight Club in Whippany is the place to be!

Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County is the fastest growing activity in the area. If you want to get in shape try Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County at AMA Fight Club!

There are many different reasons people come to train Martial Arts at AMA Fight Club.

In fact Paul Dobko mentioned today that training Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County helped him gain the confidence that he needed to advance in the corporate job field. That is amazing that training Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County can help with all areas of your life.

The thing that made Paul a believer was the combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County all under one roof at AMA Fight Club! In addition to getting in shape Paul realized that he could also learn self defense at the same time!

There are many schools in the area that say “Train like you are in the UFC” but I learned that there is only one Martial Arts School in Morris County that is actually in the UFC. That was evident today as the UFC actually came to AMA Fight Club.

It was super exciting today at AMA Fight Club and I have to thank the World Class Instructors at AMA Fight Club for showing me that Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County showed me that Morris County Martial Arts was exactly what I was looking for and needed in my life.

The greatest thing about Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County is that at AMA Fight Club today alone I got to take my picture with my teammates UFC Fighter Jim Miller, UFC Fighter Dan Miller & UFC Fighter Jimy “The Kid” Hettes.

To get Free Training visit or call us at 973-884-5995

There is no doubt in my mind that there is only one place to train Mixed Martial Arts in Morris County & that is AMA Fight Club in Whippany!

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Inside MMA in Morris County

Inside MMA in Morris County: Inside America’s Gyms

When it comes to being “Jersey Tough” look no further than AMA Fight Club offering the best MMA in Morris County


AMA Fight Club is home to the best MMA training in New Jersey, and you don’t have to be a UFC champion like the Miller brothers.  If you want to train MMA in Morris County give us a call


We have classes all day, to fit your life!

You don’t have to already be a champion to feel like one.  Follow us on Facebook  AMA Fight Club 

For the best MMA in Morris County

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AMA Fight Club’s Epic Training: MMA In New Jersey

AMA Fight Club hosted an epic training session displaying the best of MMA in New Jersey

Whippany, NJ: The legendary AMA Fight Club home of some of the best mixed martial artists in New Jersey did not disappoint fight fans as they held session today.

Head coach and trainer, Mike Constantino, said “You never know who will walk in the doors of AMA fight club,” and boy was he right….”and that’s why we offer the best MMA in New Jersey

MSG Network was on site at the facility to video some of the soon to be released footage of the training session with UFC fighters Jim Miller, Dan Miller, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez and more professional fighters than most gyms see in the history of their schools”.

Train Where The Pros Train!

UFC fighter, Jim Miller traded reps with his team as he prepares for his next professional fight against Pat Healy in UFC 159. Miller comes of an amazing win over Joe Lauzon, and will be welcomed by his home crowd as he fights in Newark, NJ.

UFC Welterweight Dan Miller who is preparing for his fight at UFC 157 on March 15th was seen training with Former UFC Heavyweight Ricco Rodriguez. Rodriguez “shook the place up” with his wild enterance and his energy kept the team going the entire session.

Want to see the best place for MMA in New Jersey ? Watch below!

When it comes to MMA in New Jersey there is no other school that can produce more fighters and have as much talent on the mats than AMA Fight Club.

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MMA In Morris County

AMA Fight Club: Offering the Best MMA in Morris County 

AMA’s World Class Training Team Practice

If you live in the Morris County area and you are familiar with the UFC and the Mixed Martial Arts world, there is no doubt that you have heard of AMA Fight Club in Whippany, NJ.

AMA Fight Club is the prestigious home of 10 UFC professional fighters and has claimed its place as one of the worlds best MMA gyms in the country.  When people look for the best MMA training, they go to AMA Fight Club for the best MMA in Morris County

On December 11th 2012, head trainer Mike Constantino took his team through an intense training session.  From striking, to take downs and grappling, the team worked on every angle of their game.  Constantino who is currently training AMA and UFC fighter Jim Miller for UFC 155 has been preparing over 100 MMA fighters in the Morris County area for some time now, and never seems to lose focus of his goal, to make champions of all his members.

Constantino was recently recognized by the NJ MMA Hall of Fame as “Trainer of The Year” This is a high honer considering the amount of talent that has come out of the great state of New Jersey….and helps to claim the stake of being the best MMA in Morris County!

Mike Constantino: NJ Trainer of the Year 2012

The dedication that you will see on the mats each day is something to see.

People come from all over the area to train with the best mma in morris county.

At AMA there are student that commute up to three hours a day just to be able to make sure that there time was spent well and to train with the best in the area.

To get 7 days of free training visit or call 973-884-5995 and learn from the best instructors for MMA in Morris County

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AMA Pro-Practice

AMA, known for the best MMA in Morris County, is high level Martial Arts Training to their students….including 10 UFC fighters.

When it comes to the best martial arts training in the Morris County NJ area, you will be certain to hear the name AMA Fight Club of Whippany NJ.

The terms MMA in Morris County and AMA Fight Club have become synonomous in the North Jersey region, and the rest of the country.

Fighters from all over the area come to AMA Fight Club every day to train with some of the best in the world.  “We have people come to our school to train from NY State, Philly and all over the country.  We even have regulars who travel 2 hours each way to train with us.  That is dedication!”

It is the dedication of everyone on the team that makes it a great place to train and learn martial arts.  Every member of the team is dedicated to pushing each other and improving wach other’s skills.  The vision of team dedicated can clearly be seen at AMA Whippany.

UFC Fighter Jim Miller will represent AMA in UFC 155


But when you want to be the best, you have to train with the best.  AMA Fight Club has proven to be the best programs for MMA in Morris County for all ages.

Every day members of all levels and ages train at AMA in Whippany.  AMA offers classes everyday and start as early as 7am.  They also have a family oriented program for adults who want to get into shape or want to learn learn self defense.  The academy also offers over 25 kids classes per week making it truly the best MMA in Morris County! 

If you want 7 days free training with AMA call 973-884-5995 or visit

AMA the best MMA in Morris County

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